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COOL magazine is an online publication about all things that are "cool" like movies, music, books, art, television, style and more! COOL will cover all the hottest things for you to check out from the past to the present.

Cool has no limits or time eras - Cool is just Cool.

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Mary Shepherd

Editor / Journalist

Jennifer Shepherd

Editor / Journalist

Just an extra incentive to follow Cool Magazine Online and that's - No Paywalls.


What is a Paywall, you ask? Well, Paywalls are the (not so) new way for online magazines and newspapers to block your access to reading articles and news online unless you buy a subscription. Sometimes they will offer you a few free articles or maybe a few paragraphs of an article or interview that catches your interest, and then a pop up blocks you, (just when you were getting to the juicy stuff) and tells you that you need a subscription to finish the rest!


Well, we say "Bah Humbug" to that! Cool Magazine will always be free to read anything we put out there. Sure, we are still new, but soon you will find that one article, interview or review you really want to read here, and there won't be a Paywall to stop you. 


You're welcome. 


Because what is this internet coming to when you can't even read without paying for it? Some things you just gotta say 'no' to.