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By M. Shepherd - August 2018

Ever hear the one about the man who dug his way to Hollywood?

Well, now you have! 

British actor Josh Whitehouse has been darn busy digging some mighty big holes lately. So much so, that it actually landed him the lead role in the upcoming David Lynch produced film "The Happy Worker"--- Well, the digging probably helped, but landing the role was most likely due to some fantastic auditioning on Whitehouse's part, of course. For the past month or so...

By J. Shepherd - March 2018

It just goes to show you. Anything can happen in Hollywood.
Take four young musicians from the L.A. circuit, and watch them become Arena Rock Icons that hold the title of one of the best-selling bands of all time. Then, take that very same bunch of guys and let them sit down to write their autobiography as a band and watch it soar onto the New York Times Bestseller list for four weeks and sell over 13,000 copies in the UK alone. Then, if that's not enough, take that best selling book and announce to the world that it's about to become a feature-length film and the overwhelming hype around that project has the ability to make everyone's heads turn once again.
That's just the way it is for Motley Crue...

By M. Shepherd - January 2018

The buzz of summer is all around us! After a long cold winter, nothing sounds better than buying a ticket to an upcoming play in London starring none other than Mr. Mitchell, Kili, Poldark himself, Aidan Turner...

By M & J Shepherd - November 2017

COVER STORY - Nobody does it like Gary Oldman.
He has dazzled us with his vampiric charms. Made us fear for our lives to board a government plane. Helped us to understand music through the ears of a deaf composer, and even showed us what the magic of a little wizardry can do.

Oldman has broken our hearts with his tears and set us on fire with his rage. He has even spent some time in our nightmares as a shotgun-toting psycho cop, a perverted Hannibal Lecter victim, or the creepy, old man Dracula who finds tonguing a bloody razor makes for a delicious light snack....

By M. Shepherd - July 2017

Why is Michael Fassbender so cool?  Well, it seems like an easy answer when esteemed actors such as Gary Oldman give nods like, "I don't think he needs any advice from me. I think he's the bollocks. The real deal." as well as Oscar winning beauty Kate Winslet, openly expressing her admiration for him "He is a-dor-able—that's broken up into those three separate syllables. I adore this man," Even Harry Potter famed Daniel Radcliffe chooses roles by asking himself: ‘What would Michael Fassbender do?’ This half-German, half-Irish actor makes cornering the market on both sexes seem easy - but ‘easy’ is not why we’re here, is it? We want more than that. We want some deep, true knowledge, that we can really believe in, so that we too can know the secrets of what makes someone like Michael Fassbender so effin’ cool.....

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