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Turn Michigan Blue!

This is it, folks. The final stretch.
The character of The United States of America is on the ballot and the stakes have never been higher than they are right now in this Presidential Election on November 3rd.

Some of us are demanding change. And as Americans, our fighting spirit is a force to be reckoned with to make that change by making our voices united and our actions one in voting.
And in this very critical time we Americans are facing what might be our most crucial election in decades, it is very important to remember that our words do matter. Our actions matter.

We are stronger when we are united.
And so Americans are coming from far and wide from all over the country and courageously standing up to use their voices and their talents to come up with some very inventive and super creative ways to motivate this country to get out there and make that much needed change that will turn that moderate blue wave into an overpowering blue tsunami!

The Democratic Revolution is here. There’s no time to waste.
And this is one of those really cool and very special moments fueled by the fire of this important election.

On the heels of the wildly successful reuniting of the original cast of the "The Princess Bride’ for a hilarious table read of the film's script in support of the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s call to elect Joe Biden, the end result was an amazing 60,000+ people that gave a donation to be able to tune in for that unforgettable event - But we are proud to say that it certainly doesn't end there.

Now, we are so very excited to share this extremely cool news that now the original cast of the 1985 cult classic horror movie "Fright Night" is now also reuniting  for their own live exclusive table read of the film's script and a live Q&A session this time to support the Michigan Democratic Party to raise funds and help Michigan to turn blue across the board!!

This very special evening will be on this coming "All Hallows Eve", Friday, October 30th at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT and will be available for contributing a donation, large or small, to help the Michigan Dems fight the good fight in this election.

The original Fright Night cast members will include Chris Sarandon, William Ragsdale, Amanda Bearse, Jonathan Stark, Stephen Geoffreys, Dorothy Fielding, Art Evans, and Chris Hendrie.

Cool Magazine got the exclusive scoop from none other than "Billy Cole" himself, the very talented and very funny Fright Night actor, Jonathan Stark!
We have been super fans of Fright Night for so many years and with also being life-long Democrats, we can tell you it is such a privilege to be able to speak to Jonathan on this really exciting event!!
What more could we ask for?
In addition to playing the villainous sidekick Billy Cole to the smooth talking vampire, Jerry Dandridge, Jonathan Stark is also a very successful American television producer, Emmy award winning screenwriter, as well as an incredible actor who has been in a slew of films and numerous television shows.

We got to ask Jonathan all about his involvement in this incredible new Fright Night reunion project, his character Billy Cole, and of course we couldn't let him get away without a surprise Halloween question at the end!

Check it out!

For our readers who might not know, what can you tell us about this exciting new FRIGHT NIGHT surprise project that will be happening on Friday, October 30th - the eve of Halloween? And how did you, yourself get involved? 

"Interestingly, I had the idea and wrote to the cast asking if they’d be interested in doing it and they were all really into it. Luckily, I had Art Evans e-mail from when we did a con together. But no one knew where Dorothy was. She had quit acting and I couldn’t find her through the Screen Actors Guild. Tom Holland said she just disappeared. That sounded like a challenge to me. So, I started Googling and after many tries and calling people who were not the Dorothy I was looking for, I called and a man answered. I said, ‘I’m looking for Dorothy Fielding who did ‘Fright Night’. He said she doesn’t live here’. Damn, another fail. ‘But’, he continued, ‘I’m her son.’ Boom. Dorothy is a delightful person and I was so happy to have found her. It would have been so weird to have someone else reading her part. She’s so funny in the film and some of her funniest lines are ones she improvised."

We know that all of the FRIGHT NIGHT fans living in the US would just 'die' to see an option for a Dandridge/Cole ticket, on the ballot of course - but we do admit that the next best thing is definitely a Biden/Harris candidacy! Since you and the rest of the FRIGHT NIGHT cast support the Dems, we wanted to ask why you chose to back the Michigan Dems specifically? 

"They chose us. Chris, had done the ‘Princess Bride’ Virtual Read with them and with the huge amount of work that goes into one of these things and the amount of people involved, it is very expensive to do. Although it may look like just another Zoom, it is so not. There are so many people behind the scenes producing, directing and doing tech. Long story short, we could have not afforded to lay out the money for it, nor did we want to. The Michigan Dems could do that and hopefully they will make a ton off this for a final push before the election. Please donate as much as you can. Your future depends on it. My kid's future depends on it."

So, how does it feel to step back into those green oozing shoes of Billy Cole again after all these years? Is there a particular line or scene you are excited about reliving again? We know we can't wait to see you and Art J. Evans team up once more for that iconic "bodies in the trash" exchange! Cracks us up every time! 

"I don’t have a specific scene that I love. I really just love the movie as a whole. I did the transcribing of the movie, from a draft I found online, as I watched it. It was a draft done right before the movie started up and you’d be surprised how much changed between the ‘final draft’ and what you see. A lot of the Club Radio sequence was choreography and wasn’t even in the script, so I asked Tom to write it out. Anyway, I must have watched the movie five or six times – still way less than some of the fans. Many of the lines were spoken a bit different than what they were in the script but I knew that fans would want to see what’s up on the screen and I promise every word is exactly what is spoken. I watched it so much that I told Chris I never wanted to see it again… but how can I avoid it at Halloween? It’s the classic Halloween movie because the whole family can enjoy it. There are parts of my performance that I think I could have done a bit better but that’s every actor’s dilemma, I think."

For laughs, how do you intend to perform the Billy Cole "dying scene" without FX? Do you have any special acting techniques? That Billy Cole blood-curdling scream is going to be hard to duplicate? 

"That’s a surprise. You’ll have to watch the reading."

Why do you think that the original story of Fright Night continues to resonate with audiences today? 

"Two reasons: The first being the story we all want to believe, that good triumphs over evil (quite appropriate for this upcoming election, don’t you think?) and the second is that the humor comes from the characters. Every single one of the actors are brilliant and they each brought something unique to the film. Tom was so good with allowing us to come up with things that were not in the script. He had no ego about it. That is the mark of a great director. There are plenty of scares but also there are parts that genuinely make you laugh. The mark of good storytelling. Most of that is from Tom but we came up with some of it during rehearsals and on the set, too. I did a lot of my scenes with Chris and Billy Ragsdale and we would be cracking each other up until the moment that Tom yelled, ‘Action’. Then, of course, we had to snap into character, but the good humor on the set and the respect that all the actors had for each other shows in the final product. And again, that Tom and also Chris who, I think would have never tolerated any ego. I was so lucky to work with Chris, he’s such a pro and one of the nicest guys on the planet."

Unveiling this cool project on the night before Halloween is a fantastic idea! So, to keep in the spirit of the holiday, what was one of the craziest costumes you ever dressed up in for Halloween. 

"I pretty much hate dressing up for Halloween but when I was growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania, I almost always dressed up as a ‘bum’. You know, ripped clothes and burnt cork for a 5 ‘o'clock shadow. Not PC for today but that was a long time ago. But it was never about the costume to me, it was about getting as much candy as possible. All we had was paper bags and those folks who know Erie in late October it was usually raining or snowing and my paper bag would get wet and it was just about getting home without the bag splitting and losing all my candy. I never dress up anymore. I really don’t like to. But what I do love is the cosplay at the horror cons. I love to get my picture taken with the really dressed up people. One time one guy was dressed up as Roddy. With that coat he wore as the vampire killer. I said to the guy that it looked pretty close to the one he wore in the film. The guy said ‘It IS the one he wore in the film.’ He apparently got it at a Western Costume clearance sale! It had Roddy’s name sewn into the lining. I thought that was so cool."

Jonathan is also now on Facebook and you can "Like" his brand new official Facebook fan page

Real Billy Cole here:

You can also have access to this exclusive "FRIGHT NIGHT" REUNION TABLE READ EVENT that will take place on Friday, October 30th | 8pm ET if you donate here: 

Thank you for supporting "Fright Night" and the Michigan Democratic party.

We can do this together! We can make it happen! 

And please remember;

"We’re going to choose science over fiction. We’re going to choose hope over fear. We’re going to choose to move forward as a united front, because there is so much we can do if we just do it together."
 - Joe Biden

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