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By M & J Shepherd - March 2020

Wouldn't you like to get to know someone who is smart, sweet, funny, creative, super talented, and of course, 'easy on the eye'? Who wouldn't? Well, look no further, Arthur McBain is the man you need to know! Sure, right about now you're thinking, "What? did I just stumble onto a Tinder profile or something?" But the answer to that, would be no, of course. This is actually a Cool Magazine interview - and even though, Arthur McBain is all of those things we have listed above, he also has one more quality that is required for this interview --- And that is - the man is undeniably 'cool'.....

By M & J Shepherd - March 2020

Getting to quiz Michael Jibson was really cool. Learning his story and discovering what gives this award winning British actor his zesty spirit was a lot of fun and quite interesting! Jibson has had some bit parts in some very impressive, major motion pictures, such as Sam Mendes' Academy award winning WWI epic '1917',  Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi - Les Miserables alongside Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, The Riot Club with Douglas Booth and Hunter Killer starring the one and only Gary Oldman...

By Melissa Clark - February 2020

COVER STORY - Federico Castelluccio was born in Naples, Italy. His family migrated to the United States when he was a little over three years old. Growing up in up in Patterson, N.J, Castelluccio was envious of characters on television and longed for being the entertainer he so distantly admired. He loved to make impressions of people and flocked to shows that had entertainers on them...

By M & J Shepherd - January 2020

Getting to do an interview with actor Kash Hovey is a perfect pleasure.
He is prompt, professional, gracious and informative. From a journalist's stand point, you couldn't ask for anything better! 
On a personal level, Kash offers up even more....

By J & M Owczarski - December 2019

When you can't find the sunshine, then be the sunshine!
This certainly seems to capture the essence of what The Wag is really all about.
If you're not already familiar with these pop-rock gleamers, you may be asking, what exactly is "The Wag"?
The short answer would be that The Wag is a band. A four-piece outfit of gifted musicians that know their craft well. While they hail originally from the New Jersey... 

By J & M Shepherd - August 2019

COVER STORY - He sits behind the wheel of a silver convertible sports car, dressed in a dark blazer,  black, wavy hair slightly mussed from the wind. His round sunglasses perfectly in place. He drives the city streets listening to an upbeat tune, not a care in the world. The sleek car pulls to a stop and the sunglasses come off revealing a most intriguing smirk. The sunglasses are then discarded carelessly into a pile of cds. When the man faces the camera, the look on his smug face is priceless. It says it all without ever saying a word. That is the true essence of any great actor. 

You’ve got to hand it to Adam Storke, the man makes one hell of an entrance....

By M & J Shepherd - July 2019

You may know cool actor Michael Rowe for his portrayal as the DC Comics' antihero Deadshot from The CW hit television series "Arrow", but there is a lot more to Michael than meets the eye... Well, the eye 'without' the laser eye patch, that is...

Michael Rowe is a multi-faceted, creatively talented guy, who not only....

By M & J Shepherd - June 2019

When award winning director, Kathy Kolla and legendary actress Shari Belafonte team up together, really cool things start to happen! Up and coming filmmaker, Kathy Kolla's latest release "Plastic Daydream" is a dramatic short film that tackles some of life's uphill battles of self-image and aging. The film is admirable in a current time era when "plastic" is king. Being fortunate enough to screen this short...

By M & J Shepherd - April 2019

COVER STORY - Michael Welch is a really cool guy. He's smart, has a great sense of humor, cares about political and environmental issues and is a visually fetching blue-eyed blonde with one heck of a smile! -- And just in case all of that wasn't enough to capture your undiluted attention, Michael is also quite the talented actor! Now, what do you say we get to know him a little better...

By M & J Shepherd - January 2019

American born, massive vocalist, Moya Angela is the current star of London's West End musical Dreamgirls, playing the role of the unforgettable protagonist, Effie White. The award winning singer/actress has been all over the Broadway and international stage, along with television credits such as 30 Rock, Maybe Sunshine and America's Got Talent. Moya is also the proud ambassador of "Broadway in the H.O.O.D." , a non-profit organization that provides a place for people in the inner city to learn what it takes to be a Broadway star...

By M & J Shepherd - September 2018

Some stories need to be told - especially one as important as Detective Tom Grant's account of what happened on those fateful days leading up to legendary rock icon, Kurt Cobain's death. 'Soaked In Bleach' is one of the most bold and controversial docudramas ever made. Directed and co-produced by Benjamin Statler, the film is based on Grant's 1994 phone recordings between himself and Courtney Love, after she had hired the private investigator to track down her missing husband - Cobain - only days before his deceased body was found.....

By M & J Shepherd - June 2018

Christian Brassington is not a vile, sleazy reverend from the 18th century, but he plays one on TV. Christian is an actor - and a fine one at that. Known for his current role on the BBC super hit series Poldark, Brassington plays Reverend Osborne "Ossie" Whitworth, the wormy, womanizing, brute of a clergyman, who is as far from a 'man of the cloth' as you can imagine! He is Poldark's most rancid villain that the viewers absolutely love to hate! Brassington has not only captured the true essence of such a despicable man, but also put on a hefty amount of weight to recreate the character to perfection.... 

By M & J Shepherd - June 2018

COVER STORY - Heida  Reed's beauty is extremely impressive. Her unique features are perfectly carved out as if she were an astonishing work of fine art. In one word, she is simply 'gorgeous'. 
This radiant woman is also successful. Her name is well-known and celebrated all over the UK for her performance in a hit BBC television series.
As her characters, she can glide along elegantly side-saddle atop of a magnificent horse - or stomp around the city kicking ass in a pair of sexy stilettos....


By M & J Shepherd - March 2018

COVER STORY - It's not very often that you come across a triple threat like Joshua Whitehouse - This actor, artist and musician, not only gives over all of his time to these significant abilities, but is absolutely exceptional at all three. With what seems like the energy of a hundred men...

By J & M Shepherd - March 2018

There is a famous quote that says "Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real." This is a powerful sentence and couldn't be more true when you're talking about one group of talented individuals in particular.

They are the artists behind the scenes. They are the magic makers. The people busy behind the camera changing imagination into reality. The Special Effects Makeup Artist has to be a master of visual illusions. The unsung heroes of the television and film industry who make movie magic happen....

By M & J Shepherd - December 2017

The 90's brought us some of rock music's greatest singers, screamers and daringly expressive performers such as Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Trent Reznor, Eddie Vedder, Scott Weiland and Marilyn Manson, just to name a few. Whether you liked these artists or not, there's no doubt that they were heavy hitters and absolutely unforgettable....

By M & J Shepherd - October 2017

At first glance, Rory Wilton gives off a serious, quite intense impression with his deep set brow and dark bearded features. His acting is powerful, focused and severely direct. If you didn't know the man, you may even be a tad nervous to approach him... but then he smiles - warm, bold and bright - and the true Rory Wilton shines through. The man is all charm! He is kind, considerate and has a sense of humor that will keep you forever entertained...

By J & M Shepherd - October 2017

Everyone has a story.
And with a name like "Billy Bones", you just know that the story is going to be quite an interesting one.
The year was 1976 and the punk rock movement was exploding onto the Los Angeles underground music scene with a loud, rebellious bang!
One of the very first bands to enter the picture were "The Skulls".
This iconic band had a hardcore sound that took the roots of early rock 'n' roll and submerged them into pure punk energy. The Skulls frequently performed at the legendary Masque club in central Hollywood....

By J & M Shepherd - September 2017

*COVER STORY - All of Latin America knows his name. He has a career in music that spans over 20 years.
He is a rock star, an actor, a writer and director. But at the core of his heart, he is an artist to his very soul. From painting onto a canvas to winning the Grammy Award, you know talent when you see it.
His name is Beto Cuevas. He is an artist that is constantly evolving....

By J & M Shepherd - August 2017

Some people just have it.
When you watch charismatic actor Scott Cohen, one word comes to mind, "unpredictable".
Whenever Scott gives a performance, he has a unique way of hooking the eyes of an audience, and helplessly drawing them straight into his talented clutches.
His characters are multi-layered. They have soul. Most often, they are a little mysterious...

By M & J Shepherd - August 2017

ZANDER BLECK - The name alone stops you in your tracks. Solid and powerful like a gleaming block of steel that will not be ignored. Already, you want to know more. 

The man behind the name is just as magnificently stunning, with his piercing eyes, chiseled jaw and mane of dark flowing locks. He is long, cool and lean with moves that are silky smooth  - and when he opens his mouth, he has a voice that would be the envy of angels....

By M & J Shepherd - August 2017

Stephen Marro does it all. He writes his own films, then directs them, then produces them. The Long Beach, New York native is a man of many undeniable talents. Talent that this era of filmmaking needs more of these days. Marro has fresh, original storytelling ideas. An eye for the right vibe and location of a scene, and a realistic, hard working approach to creating and completing a film independently....

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