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Jonah Beres is the cool new actor to watch out for! 

With already some very interesting credits to his name, including Hulu's hot new series PEN 15, (now in it's second season) Splitting Up Together with The Office's Jenna Fischer and the totally cool short film "Balloon" about a bullied kid who suddenly realizes he has super powers, Beres is rising faster than a speeding bullet!

Beres' acting technique allows him to switch from comedy to drama with ease and his soft looks and poised demeanor can place him into almost any role there is. Beres has the makings of a chameleon actor, which to us, is the best kind there is! 

Cool Magazine had the chance to catch up with Jonah Beres recently to ask him all about PEN 15, Working with Jenna Fischer, what his absolute best movies are, and what he thinks is COOL.

Keep on reading for the 411 on Jonah Beret!

So, what can you tell us about "PEN 15" and "Brandt", the character you play in this series?

"I think PEN15 is a good show that everybody can relate to because it’s everybody’s middle school experience.  Brandt is a character who everyone knows and that everybody has been through middle school with. He’s kind of that douche bag, sort of tricky nice guy player that every girl has dealt with in middle school."

Do you come from an artistic family, or are you the first one interested in acting? 

 "I have a distant relative that is an actor, but my parents both have their own businesses.  They both like movies but they’re not in the business at all.  My sister is a couple of years older and she started acting after me.  She’s in college studying screenwriting and directing."

What would be your dream role or character to play? 

"A really cool villain might be interesting to play because I’ve never really played a scary villain."

We just recently watched you in your short film "Balloon" - What a totally cool movie! We have to say, you did an amazing job! We could feel your pain. How were you able to connect emotionally with your character and what he had to go through? And were you, yourself, ever bullied in school, or did you know someone who was? 
"I think it was easy to connect with the character because it felt like a place in life that everybody can relate to.  The script was written very well.  The director helped guide me a lot through the emotions.  I haven’t really personally experienced any bullying or known anyone who was bullied even though I did go to public school.  I just think it’s an easy thing to understand how it could happen because a lot of kids are vulnerable."

While on the subject of "Balloon", a kid who discovers he has super-powers - If you could have one special super-power, what would it be?  

"Controlling time.  Because there’s a lot of fun things that you could do with fast forwarding, stopping and rewinding time.  There’s a lot of interesting things you could mess with. You can basically do anything with that super power."

Being fans of "The Office" ourselves, we thought it was very cool to see you exchange lines with one of our personal favorite actresses Jenna Fischer in ABC's "Splitting Up Together".  What was she like to work with?
"It was very nice working with her.  She was very down to earth and nice.  Even though I was only on set with her for a limited time, she treated me like I was a respectable actor."

If you were stuck on a desert island, which three movies would you absolutely NEED to have with you?  

"2001 Space Odyssey  The first Kung Fu Panda and Storytelling by Todd Solondz."


On a typical day, what do you like doing in your spare time?  

"Playing video games and watching old movies."

What's coming up next for you? Any projects or ideas in the works?  

"At the moment I’m just auditioning and seeing what’s up and broadening my horizons"


What's your definition of cool?  

"Not caring about being cool."

Don't forget to check out Jonah in PEN 15 now on Hulu - and head on over to Vimeo to watch the super-awesome film short "Balloon": (CLICK HERE) 

You know it's gotta be cool, if it's coming from COOL MAGAZINE! 

- By M & J Shepherd