With what seems like the energy of a hundred men, the wildly spirited Whitehouse actively has his hands in a mound of sculpting material, while fingering away at his guitar and magically appearing in and out of costume changes for his recent role as Hugh Armitage in the hit television series Poldark.

Josh's humor is side-splitting, his work ethic is extremely impressive and his smile radiates enough warmth to bring forth a summer bloom. When you discover the depth of Josh's many artistic sides it makes you realize just how much this man is truly a marvel.


 It's not very often 

that you come across a triple threat like Joshua Whitehouse - This actor, artist and musician, not only gives over all of his time to these significant abilities, but is absolutely exceptional at all three.

Photo: Ben Hopper 



Whitehouse got his first big break when he landed a leading role in the 2014 BAFTA-nominated, British film Northern Soul. His performance as Matt, the adrenaline-pumped DJ who gets hooked on amphetamines, dancing and 1970's American soul music, is intensely raw and quite gripping. You can see, that though this is his first film, Whitehouse has something very special. A unique spark that keeps your eyes glued to him where ever he may appear on the screen. He has the ability to immerse himself into character and take you along with him on a film journey that no longer seems fictional. He's that good.

In 2016 he acted along side Eleanor Tomlinson in 'Alleycats', and in the critically acclaimed, Taiwan only release 'The Receptionist' - but it is the BBC drama series Poldark (starring Aidan Turner and Eleanor Tomlinson) that Whitehouse is currently known and utterly adored for. Landing the role of Lieutenant Hugh Armitage, a romantic young artist with his sights set on Captain Poldark's lovely leading lady, has sent Joshua directly into heartthrob status with the fans - once again proving that when Joshua Whitehouse catches your eye, there's no chance of looking away anytime soon.




Whitehouse clearly has music coursing through his veins. If you look the guy up online, you will not miss the fact that he almost always has a guitar in his hands or a mic in his face. Music is one of the essential outpours of the artist soul - and this singer, songwriter, guitarist, flows with such musical spontaneity that he will, no doubt, rock your socks off. Josh's intricate flamenco style guitar work and courageous vocals will positively floor you. You just can't help yourself from wanting to hear more.


Whitehouse is a solo artist, as well as a frontman for multiple bands - one in particular is his principal group More Like Trees. Teaming up with his 'beatbox' brother Matt Whitehouse, More Like Trees have already recorded an EP, an album and now have another new album in the works! This eclectic band's musical tentacles reach far beyond any genre or label. They produce a vibe that is divinely indescribable and rich in dynamism. Their sound will penetrate your ears and free your mind, leaving you in a perfect state of bliss every time.


Josh and his bands have played all over the UK to a continuously growing fan base. Let's hope there will be a future plan to tour internationally, because we are positive the world would welcome these Brits with open arms!




In 2014, following the steps of acclaimed actor Eddie Redmayne, Josh became the chosen 'new face' of the heritage label’s latest fragrance, Mr. Burberry. The successful campaign included a compelling photo spread of an elegantly styled Whitehouse, accompanied by a sleek and seductive promotional short film directed by '12 Years A Slave' Oscar winning director Steve McQueen. "There's an optimism in Josh, and that optimism is very beautiful. I'm so happy we caught it on camera," said the legendary director.


In the film, Joshua lights up the screen with a fiery magnetism that cannot only hard sell any product, but also pump some heat into a lot of throbbing hearts. The campaign had Josh's signature look internationally stamped across buildings and billboards everywhere. Not too shabby for a budding new talent.





Mostly known for his acting, music and modelling, not many people are aware that Joshua is also a tremendously gifted artist - it was actually 'this' fact that drew Cool Magazine in to begin with.


There is always something extremely exciting about an artistic mind when it's at the edge of creation. There is a freed spirit within them that can take them anywhere they want to go. They are the unpredictable, totally mesmerizing and super fun people of the world. These qualities are what make them so lovely to be around.


The above mentioned characteristics describe Josh Whitehouse to a 'T' - because he is a true artist straight to the core. His ideas are high-powered and endless. He effortlessly gives birth to new compelling projects that always seem to come to completion. His work is extremely imaginative, right down to his choice in ultra vibrant colors that seem to spill out beyond the borders and lines that try to hold them. Whitehouse applies each minute detail with a bold, yet soothing finesse that rouses your interest to no end. His art catches your attention and keeps you there, eternally trying to find the deeper meanings behind such complex imagery.


Josh holding some fan artwork from Kiss BK

Discovering this brilliant artist within a stunning package like Joshua Whitehouse was such a treasure and a delight! We were very fortunate indeed to get the chance to talk with this talented fellow all about his love for art, his creative process and his artist family - as well as his band "More Like Trees" and what it was like joining the cast of the hit television series Poldark! Josh was only happy to share all the details with us for Cool Magazine.

What made you want to become an artist? Was it something that you always did growing up? 


"I have been around art since I was very young. My mum (Penelope Sinclair) is a fantastic artist and she always used to teach me to draw, she would give me a rough outline of a face for me to draw around and fill in the blanks. My Grandmother was a painter too, my sister, an illustrator and an art teacher and my 3 brothers all draw and paint too. So I have just always been around art and growing up it was always a nice escape for me."



Ben Hopper 

We have seen on your Instagram page that you have recently been sculpting (Very impressive, by the way!) What other mediums do you like to use and which is your favorite?


"I'd like to try my hand at most things when it comes to being creative. But my favourite things to use artistically usually are painting with acrylics/oils or watercolour - I often like building on top of that with poscas and other marker pens for more detailed line work. I do enjoy sculpting but I've only tried it a few times - I have found I really like attacking a breeze block with a chisel and hammer! I think my favourite thing is drawing on a piece of MDF - its a good sturdy and smooth surface and you can work on it anywhere without needing to rest on anything."



What are you trying to express with your art?


"I'm just expressing! I have ideas in my head and I have an impulse to get them out somehow. I like to see what I can do and what I can't, I like having something to do which requires my concentration and takes time and which I can look at in the end and feel proud of.... Or hate! For me it's not about expressing something specific, but taking the time to try something and seeing what comes out."


Who are some of your favorite artists?


"Too many to list but here's a couple of my favourites at the moment. I love the work of Jenny Saville, her huge portraits mixing up abstract detail with photo realism - I think that's super cool. My friends Jim Vision and everyone at End Of The Line for their immense large scale street art and collaborations all over the world. I discovered an artist on Instagram called Barnaby Whitfield who has a great style with portraits also - an artist called bomk I really like for his intricate and dark imaginative drawings/canister work. James Jean is fantastic...."


On the music side of things, what can you tell us about your band More Like Trees? And who are your musical influences?


"I have a 3 piece band - More Like Trees (double bass, cajon and guitar - sometimes we have string sections/beatboxers). Currently in the process of finishing recording a new album to release at some point this year - we have several releases already out. With regards to our style we are heavily flamenco influenced - I have always practiced playing guitar with percussive flamenco techniques and then with the double bass and cajon we like to bring in some drum and bass or other more contemporary styles and reproduce them acoustically. I also have a band called High Cross Society which features More Like Trees as well as another band called Fjokra and another
called Lazy Habits and we come together as a 12 piece hip hop group. There is an album out and many videos online to check out."


Photo: Andrew Cotterill

As for acting, Poldark is the obvious spotlight these days. It's really cool that you and Eleanor Tomlinson had worked together before on Alleycats. What was it like reuniting with her on Poldark? Do you have a good working relationship as well as a friendship?


"It was so great to be able to step on to a set already having a friend. Eleanor is great to work with and a real good laugh. I was really happy to work with her again. And Poldark has such a lovely cast so I made a lot of new friends, which was lovely!"

Was it strange to enter into the Poldark story as the man who steals Ross Poldark's girl? And how did you and Aidan get along on set?


"I wouldn't say it was strange, no - we're all just story tellers after all, coming together to create art. I had worried maybe there might be some backlash from fans but the Poldark fans have been so lovely. And me and Aidan got along really well, he's a funny guy and a real trooper."





Josh, you are definitely a jack-of-all-trades: a musician, an actor and an artist, but out of the three, which is the one you hold closest to your heart? The one that is truly you.


"I'd say I see acting as my job and its the best job in the world. Incredibly hard work, challenging and exciting - you never know what you'll be working on next. Its a huge priority to me and it enables me to work on art and music, which are a much more personal form of expression to me because the ideas are always my own.. I hope to continue being able to doing all three of them."

Photos: Ben Hopper 

For the magazine, we always have to ask this question - What is your definition of "Cool"?


"My definition of cool... Hmm. I suppose it would be something which is desirable. If it were a thing - perhaps a thing which excites you or makes you curious or impressed. Something you never thought you wanted - but now you do. If it were a person then it would be that they were happy within themselves. The most desirable thing of all."


And finally - What's next for you? Any work or projects you are excited about?


"At the moment I am mostly working on this album for More Like Trees, I have also been finishing a sculpture of a head... And working on finding my next project. I have a few things coming out this year - a short called "To Trend On Twitter", two features "Modern Life Is Rubbish" and "Valley Girl" all of which I am really excited about, there's also season 4 of Poldark of course and a couple other things which I can't really talk about yet I'm afraid - but I'm really excited for all these thing I've been working so hard on to finally be revealed to the world."


Photo: Josh Sinclair

Photo by Ed Shots   

It seems that Joshua Whitehouse is preparing for major lift off these days. With a big movie coming out this summer, a new album on the way, and another season of Poldark just around the corner, there's no telling how high he will end up soaring - But one thing is for sure, keep your eye on the skies, because you just may see him flying overhead on the wings of some very amazing gifts.


- M & J Shepherd  (2018)

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