Kash Hovey interview with Cool Magazine

Getting to do an interview with actor Kash Hovey is a perfect pleasure.

He is prompt, professional, gracious and informative. From a journalist's stand point, you couldn't ask for anything better! 
On a personal level, Kash offers up even more. Among donating his time to The Spera Foundation, Boys and Girls Club, BTCF, and Free2Luv, he is also constantly supporting his friend's projects, keeps up with his fans on social media and loves spending quality time with his beautiful, loving mother, actress, model, producer Michelle Beaulieu.

Kash Hovey  has a bright and energetic spirit, a sweet  smile,  mischievously deep set eyes, and a super cool name!  It is no wonder that this award-winning actor from Santa Monica, CA is loved by everyone who is lucky enough to cross paths with him.


by M & J Shepherd

Coming from a eagerly creative beginning, Kash was destined to be on the big screen. His ability and drive to jump in and out of any film or series, just to be apart of the job he loves, is was makes the Hollywood dream what it is. No part is too small for someone who has acting boiling in his blood.

Hovey, an avid social media motivator and influencer, can be found on most of the popular platforms from Instagram, to Twitter to Facebook. He is always on the go, and is the type of guy who interacts and welcomes his followers, allowing them to come right along with him on all of the exciting adventures he shares.

Kash makes it fun. We like that.

IPhoto: Greg Doherty

Photo: Jim Bourland

One glance at a photo collection of Kash Hovey, you can see, undoubtedly, that the man has spent some of his past as a model. He knows all the right poses and definitely has 'the look' of high fashion, but we have to admit, discovering that a young Kash Hovey had once posed for "Hot Topic", one of the most awesome, rock retail hot spots around, absolutely proved, that to us, that he was obviously  always a little cool right from the start.

Hovey has done a lot of good work in film and television, But it was a little short film --- that blew up into a 4 time film festival award winner! --- by filmmaker Kathy Kolla, starring Shari Belafonte and Kash himself, that caught our attention.

Plastic Daydream, by tremendously talented flimmaker Kathy Kolla, stars the  Shari Belafonte and Kash Hovey himself. The film was so intriguing and original that it earned a spread in Cool Magazine's last issue, exploring the details and chatting with Kolla and Belafonte in an exclusive double interview.  Hovey's performance in this film was so disarming and lovely that we knew this was a guy we wanted to see more of!

So, here we are....

Kash Hovey Model Hot Topic

Cool Magazine did not want to pass up the opportunity to chat up this compellingly talented actor man any longer. We had fun learning all about the behind-the-scenes of Mr. Kash Hovey, and we know you will too!

Our cool Q & A starts now!

Ok, Kash, Tell us a little bit about when you first realized you wanted to become an actor? And what do you absolutely love about it?

"When I was a kid I was always watching movies, drawing pictures, dressing up, and re-creating scenes that were inspirational to me. I love every stage of developing a new character and beginning a project. There is such a rush I get from the moment I book a job, meeting the cast and crew and creating magic."

What are a few of your favorite movies of all time?

"Back to the Future, Pulp Fiction, Interview with Vampire, Titanic, Beverly Hills Cop, Goodfellas, The Shining to name a few. I could go on about so many different films and styles that have inspired me over the years."

Kash Hovey, Shannen Doherty

You have collaborated with the greatly talented filmmaker Kathy Kolla on a few recent projects. We do admit that you two make a sensational creative team! How did you meet and start this all up?

"Thank you so much for your kind words. After “Undateable John” the writer/producer Cynthia Posner cast me as ‘Jack’ in her next feature film “Jack and Cocaine.” Christa Collins did the soundtrack and had a cameo in the film. Christa and I later worked on a pilot together and she invited me to the premiere of a punk rock documentary she was in titled “Who is Billy Bones?” directed by Kathy Kolla. That was when Kathy and I first met. We stayed in touch for the next year and kept each other posted on our creative endeavors. We both would show up to support each other when we had film releases. At the start of 2018 we got together and said “We have to collaborate together on a project.” Kathy came up with “Plastic Daydream” and everything else fell into place from there."

Cool Magazine actually had the pleasure of doing a spread on the short film project you did with Kathy and legendary actress Shari Belafonte called "Plastic Daydream" --- What can you tell us about your latest collab with Kolla "Mayhem Of The Mind"?

"I loved the article that Cool Magazine did and I’m so proud of Plastic Daydream. I’ve known Shari for years and have always admired her work. She’s a legend. Thanks to Kathy’s brilliant script and filmmaking the opportunity to work together was created. I filmed the pilot episode of “Mayhem of the Mind” with Kathy last summer and it won 5 awards at Film Fest LA Live last November. It’s a psychological thriller that is both suspenseful and funny. Kathy is such a brilliant writer and filmmaker."

Kash Hovey

IPhoto: Greg Doherty

What's next for you? Any projects or ideas in the works?

I actually just got back from a much needed break during the holidays. Kathy and I have already discussed some new ideas for future episodes for “Mayhem of the Mind.” I will have some exciting news to announce in the coming months.

And finally, what is your definition of "cool"?

I’ve gone through so many chapters and phases in my life. There have been highs, lows, losses and gains. I’ve been the most lost when I wasn’t being true to myself and went along with what I thought people expected or wanted me to be instead of being who I truly am. It’s taken making mistakes and learning from experience to acknowledge what works for me and what doesn’t. I respect people who know who they are, own it and create a positive environment for the people around them. To me that is cool.

Kash Hovey interview

IPhoto: Greg Doherty

Of course, we are dying to ask you, what was it like playing opposite, the one and only Shannen Doherty in your latest film Undateable John? Is she as cool as she seems?

"Shannen is so cool! I found out she was playing Charlene the night before we started filming and I couldn’t believe it. I watched 90210 growing up and it was an honor to have had the opportunity to work with her. We had so much fun filming. Our characters have an intense confrontational scene with a lot of emotion. I learned so much from her.

What was the vibe like on the set (of Undateable John) with such an all-star cast? Daryl Hannah, Joan Jett, Tom Arnold, Margaret Cho, Meredith Baxter... Just to name a few...

"It was a dream come true to be involved in a film with such an ensemble cast. It was definitely intimidating when I first booked the role of Adam and found out that all the names you mentioned were going to be in the film. They are all icons who’s films I had watched over the years and have so much respect for. When the cast met for the first table read, everyone was so welcoming and supportive. It was a wonderful experience and I have so many fond memories working on “Undateabale John.”

What was one of your most notable performances that you would want to nudge more people to check out?

"Recently a lot of people have been reaching out to me on social media and in person about “Jack and Cocaine.” We filmed it a few years ago with a limited crew and budget and at the time, we only had the intention of releasing it online. I was surprised by how many views we got and was moved by the positive responses, support and promotion people gave the film. It was an honor when the Valley Film Festival reached out and gave us an official premiere. It’s available to watch now on Vimeo if anyone wants to check it out."

We are steadfast followers of your Instagram account and love all your posts of the super cool experiences you have in and around Los Angeles - What is one of your most favorite haunts in the area?

"LA Live has been so generous to myself and my colleagues the past few years. Film Fest LA Live gave us an annual film block to support up and coming artists. There are so many fun things to do there from ice-skiing in the winter, to enjoying a summer evening concert. I always love a trip to Malibu with friends but I grew up in Sherman Oaks and always love an adventure at Universal Studios."

Kash Hovey interiew Cool Magazine

Kash Hovey is definitely someone to look out for, 

because he is certainly heading straight for something really big!

But we urge you to check backward into some of his work. It is inspiring to watch a man who loves what he does. It's what acting is all about: The beginnings. The fresh starts. The organic. Every talent comes from the heart originally, and sometimes in this crazy world, that direction gets blurred --- but with Kash Hovey,  he gets it. He holds on to the heart of it. -- And that's what makes him 'cool"- M & J Shepherd

For more on Kash Hovey, visit www.kashhovey.com