Midnight Mouth Is Here To Make You 'Feel Better'

by M & J Shepherd

Midnight Mouth Band

There is this really cool band we have been listening to lately. Their name is Midnight Mouth.

Sounds a little familiar to you, doesn't it? Just a little, perhaps? Well, the answer is "yes", you may just know them after all! 

We were introduced to this killer West London based group Midnight Mouth, the same way all of our Cool Magazine readers were - through the band's lead guitarist - the multi talented actor, writer, musician, Arthur McBain who Cool Magazine had the pleasure to interview back in March. (Read interview here)

Well, McBain and his gifted comrades of Midnight Mouth are about to release their first single called "Feel Better" taken from their forthcoming EP, which was actually recorded, produced, AND mixed by the band themselves all during the lockdown period. How's that for creativity! This band is extremely dedicated and pretty much 'awesome' to make such fine use of their time in this crisis we are all currently facing. We have to say, we admire them tremendously. 

With exclusive access to their soon to be released single "Feel Better" (June 18th to be precise) it was now time to sit down for a good listen --- but 'sitting' wasn't possible for long. Between the driving melody and uplifting lyrics, you just feel this propelling energy to jump to your feet and stand. Stand for justice. Stand for freedom. Stand for just 'letting it all go'. Just stand. 

With all that has been going on in our world these past few months, you have to believe it's for a reason, and maybe one of those reasons is to "let go" so we can find out who we really are, but in order to do that, we have to 'feel better' - and that's exactly what this song inspires.

"I wrote the lyrics on a bus after having one of THOSE days," Said Scott Viney, the band's lead singer and rhythm guitarist, "The song is simply about doing anything - big or small - to make yourself feel good again. Don't bother doing that exercise routine, and block your ex-girlfriend on all platforms. If it's going to make you feel better, then do it."

"Feel Better" is a true reminder that, even when things feel difficult, there’s always hope.

Midnight Mouth is a profound, yet dazzling rock band that mixes ambient sounds and dreamy melodies with undertones of hopeful melancholia. The band originated as a solo project by singer, Viney until 2018 when he teamed up with long time friend, McBain and brother and sister duo Poppy (drums) and Pierce Kavanagh (bass) to complete the band's perfectly cool line-up.

This band is here to stick around and we have a feeling that their new single is going to get quite a lot of attention - and rightfully so! We are certain that Midnight Mouth will most likely be an international success by the time their new EP hits the airwaves in 2021. Wouldn't it be really cool to say that you were a fan of this band just before they made it to the top? We are proud to say that that's already 'our' story! - by M & J Shepherd

Stream/buy "Feel Better" here.
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photo by @gabriella_de_martino