Michael Jibson

by M & J Shepherd

Getting to quiz Michael Jibson

was really cool.

Learning his story and discovering what gives this award winning British actor his zesty spirit, was a lot of fun and quite interesting! 

Jibson has had some bit parts in some very impressive, major motion pictures, such as Sam Mendes' Academy award winning WWI epic '1917',  Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi - Les Miserables alongside Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, The Riot Club with Douglas Booth and Hunter Killer starring the one and only Gary Oldman himself! - Jibson also had a totally amazing run playing King George III in London's West End production of "Hamilton", in which he won an Oliver for his one of a kind phenomenal performance. 

That's some super cool stuff!

But Jibson's rise is nowhere near it's peak!  Mike has got a big year coming up with one of his most notable projects about to air soon - ITV's three part mini-series "Quiz".

The highly anticipated series directed by Stephen Frears, is about the true accounts of how Charles and Diana Ingram attempted the on-screen heist on the quiz show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" 

Along side Jibson, the series stars Matthew Macfadyen and Sian Clifford, as well as Jibson's cousin-in-law, the amazingly talented Michael Sheen, who absolutely transforms himself into 'Millionaire' host Chris Tarrant - which will be extremely fascinating to watch! 

*Fun fact: Mike is married to Michael Sheen's cousin, and West End star, the lovely Caroline Sheen. 

Want to know what we learned from Mike Jibson in our Cool Magazine quiz? Sure you do! Well hit that buzzer as fast as you can -- or in reality, just scroll down -- to read our cool Q & A with Mr. Jibson himself and enjoy your prize!

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We have to say, we are very excited about this  month's release of your new 3 part drama "Quiz"! What can you tell us about your role as 'heist accomplice', Tecwen Whittock? 

"Tecwen Whittock is a very interesting character, as he is quite an introvert and obviously a very keen quizzer, something I was not familiar with before. So he was certainly fun to play and also it was fun to do a welsh accent as my in-laws are in Welsh."

Your 'cool' cousin-in-law, Michael Sheen also stars in "Quiz", is this the first time you will be sharing the screen together? And was it fun working with family? Or was the pressure on to not let your 'acting' guard down? 

"It was great to finally work with Michael and watch him work. He’s probably one of the most clever actors that there is, as he’s brilliant at completely changing his whole self and becoming somebody else without doing an impression. It was lovely to be on set with him as well."


Who were your biggest inspirations to become an actor? 

"When I was 15 I was lucky enough to perform in Oliver at the London Palladium with Jonathan Pryce. Watching him play Fagin every night inspired me to do what I do today. There was a scene where as gang members we were meant to be asleep in Fagin’s den, but I used to keep one eye open and watch him be so brilliant every night."

Photo by Harry Livingstone

So, you won an Olivier for your part as King George III in London's "Hamilton", That's pretty huge! How did that whole experience change your life? 

"It was quite an incredible experience to go to that award ceremony and have them read my name out when it was my category! I wouldn’t say it’s changed my life but it certainly has become a highlight of my career."

If you weren't acting, what would you be doing? 

"When I was younger I was a very keen sportsmen and was a pretty good football player. Maybe I would’ve done that? I like to think I would have and probably have a lot more money… Ha ha!"


In your acting credits the film "Hunter Killer" is listed, which means that you shared a film set with, our personal, all-time favorite actor, Mr. Gary Oldman! This is absolutely brilliant to us! Did you get to meet with him, or witness him work his 'acting magic' at all? 

"Yes, it was fun to work on that movie. I made some good friends, but unfortunately I didn’t get to work with Gary who, I agree, is one of the best actors out there. Maybe one day I will! I’ll keep you posted."

How big of a dream was it to be a fighter pilot in Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi? 

"Again, another highlight of my career is to  be able to say that I’ve been in Star Wars. It was a really exciting day to be on that set and Rian Johnson was brilliant to work with as well the rest of the cast."

If you were stranded on a desert island (for, who knows how long!) which top three favorite movies would you want to have with you to watch over and over again? 

"The Goonies, Stand By Me and Star Wars!"


What's next for you, now that 'Quiz' is about to be released? Any upcoming projects or ideas in the works? 

"I have two TV dramas one for the BBC and the other for ITV. I also make an appearance in Edgar Wright‘s new movie last night in Soho, I’m in a new film about Roald Dahl and Patricia Neil called An Extra July starring Hugh Bonnaville and Keeley Hawes, and I just finished shooting an episode of the second series of A Discovery Of Witches for Sky playing Rudolph lI. So lots of cool things in the pipeline!"

What is your definition of "cool"? 

"My definition of cool, in a person, would be somebody who is happy in their own skin. I love it when people are just who they are."

We would like to thank Michael for this great opportunity to get to know him better! Keep an eye out for Quiz which will be coming soon to ITV and AMC!

We know we'll be tuning in for sure!

- M & J Shepherd 

Mike Jibson stars in "Quiz” which will air in a three-night special event, beginning Monday May 25, on AMC.

Photo by Harry Livingstone

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