Musicals are in one word: Magical.
There is nothing more incredible than witnessing a live musical in a theatre. The experience is an instant escape from the day to day lives we find ourselves in, displaying a whole new, highly stimulated, pumped up version of our reality. Sonically charged. Poetically delicate. In a musical, you can literally sing the blues away. The effect it can have can be quite breathtaking - And when you're in the theatre with your ears on
Moya Angela - the effect can be absolutely phenomenal!

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American born, massive vocalist, Moya Angela

is the current star of London's West End musical Dreamgirls, playing the role of the unforgettable protagonist, Effie White.

The award winning singer and actress has been all over the Broadway and international stage, along with television credits such as 30 Rock, Maybe Sunshine and America's Got Talent. Moya is also the proud ambassador of "Broadway in the H.O.O.D." , a non-profit organization that provides a place for people in the inner city to learn what it takes to be a Broadway star.

We were quite lucky to be able to catch up with this extraordinarily talented lady recently for a little chat. Get to know all about the stunning Moya Angela as she shares with us her love for theatre, travel and even Michael Jackson! 

Who inspired you to become the amazing singer that you are today? 

"I would have to say there are two people in my life that have inspired and influenced me. The first, is my big sister, Toni. She was always singing and I wanted to be like her. She would always play music and we would harmonize together. The second would be my high school music teacher, Mrs. Wiehe. She was over the show choir and influenced me to pursue music/singing as a career."

Was Dreamgirls a part you always dreamed of playing? Did you ever see a performance of the musical prior to getting cast? 

"I had never seen a performance until I got cast in the show. And Yes, Effie was at the top of my list of roles I wanted to play. It’s so powerful."

After playing Effie White for several years now, do you feel a kinship with her in any way?

"Absolutely, I was and am her in so many ways. Young and headstrong, but weak, blind and in love. I'd have to say I'm act 2 Effie now, haha."

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Do you still get nervous before a performance? 

"I'm only nervous when we have a special guest in the audience. I get excited now that I'm comfortable doing this show. Not too comfortable though. The songs are hard, so I have to have a little vulnerability."

What made you want to audition for America's Got Talent?

"I wanted more exposure as Moya Angela, the artist. To stand with my own name in front of others."

After having been through and completed your run on AGT, If you could sum that experience up in one feeling, what would it be?

"Grateful! I made it to top 32 out of hundreds of thousands."

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You have travelled all over the US with the national theatre tour, and are now in London's West End with Dreamgirls - If you could tour/travel to any other country, where would it be? 

"I'd have to say Kenya or somewhere else in Africa. I'd like to perform for people who look like me and for them to see, that if I can do it- so can they."

To us, when we hear 'talented' and 'Indiana' in one sentence, we automatically think 'Michael Jackson'. We would love to know if Michael Jackson or any of the Jackson's legendary musical history had any effect on your love for music or your ability to dream big?

"There is no way that I could not be influenced by his music. Not because of being from Indiana, but because I'm of that era that grew up on Michael's genius music. It will always and continue to be influencing to me."

What is your definition of "Cool"?

"Being able to perform in the West End and living in Covent Garden in London, haha."

What's next for you? Any projects or ideas in the works?

"I’m gonna take a little break and then work on some acting so I can be on your TV screen soon."

Mel B. of the Spice Girls once described Moya Angela  

as a “true powerhouse” -  and nothing could be more verifiable. Ms. Angela has been slaying audiences for years with her tremendous vocal talent and esteemed performances.

This woman belongs on center stage - and it is there, where only she can generate her  very own unsurpassable sound and shine on in brilliance like the myriads of angels that guide her.

Moya Angela is a truly gifted woman that you must hear at least once in your lifetime. 


Look her up, listen to her, then follow your heart to London - and become apart of one of the most unbelievable experiences that only musical theatre and Moya Angela can give to you.

- By M & J Shepherd

Moya Angela

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