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UK rocker duo Royal Blood have that big and heavy sound that rock music has only been dreaming of for the past few years. Kick ass, raw and solid, guitar on guitar on guitar! Truly catchy riffs with melodic, yet aggressively strong vocals spilling out over dark lyrical poetry about love and lies.

It's all you could really ever want for pumping out of your speakers whilst cruising the streets in your automobile, windows open with a cool pair of black shades on.... C'mon, man. You know it's true.

If you are a rocker at heart, you will not find a bad song by this band 

Their last album release "How Did We Get So Dark?" has one awesome song on it after another.

With modern times as they are, you can pick and choose which song to download for your collection, but Royal Blood brings back that blissful feeling of what it's like to buy a full album again - where every song is better than the next. It just creates a vibe when you hit the jackpot of a full GREAT album. It makes you a loyal lifer with the band of your choice - and it's those moments that change your life.

Of course, there are still stand out tracks that Cool Magazine must recommend, just in case you like to 'taste' before you inevitably consume the entire thing.

"I Only Lie When I Love You" is definitely your number one 'go to' song before anything else. This single defines the 'perfect rock song' structure. Easy to follow along and just totally good to groove to. "How Did We Get So Dark?" is very powerful and creative (with a fun music video to peak at on YouTube) And the hypnotically seductive "Sleep" which would make amazing soundtrack music to any cool new film out there waiting to happen... (Did you catch that subtle hint, filmmakers?) 

Royal Blood is the perfect rock band any which way you look at it. Two cool, talented guys who know their stuff. Their music is perfectly constructed for the ultimate rock experience.

Buy their albums. Watch their videos. See them play live. 
FEEL THE ROCK, BABY - because there just ain't nothing better than 'that' feeling.


Ever hear a song for the first time and instantly know you love it? Of course, who hasn't? So, you do as would any music lover, and look the band up on Spotify, YouTube, Itunes... (whichever is your music player of choice) and you start clicking away at the songs - when suddenly you realize that each track is better than the last! Now, that's 'not' something that happens quite as often - Well, for Cool Magazine, KALEO is that band. 


Kaleo is a blues rock band from Iceland. (Yes, we said Iceland) and man can these boys wail!


All the way out in the North Atlantic, we have been missing out on some great rock n' roll! Kaleo (which means 'the sound' in Hawaiian) is not just your ordinary blues rock band - they are creative, hard-edged and rather moody, when they want to be.

The music is sharp and gritty and at times feels like a classic rock fantasy flashback. The vocal stylings of JJ Julius Son are raw and cutting, while the guitar work is insanely alive with such enthusiasm and originality.


This is what rock legends are made of.


Spotlight tracks such as "Hot Blood" and "No Good" will instantly kick you into gear, making you want to roll down your windows and blow out your speakers! The perfectly pleasurable "Broken Bones" takes you on a slow, bumping blues ride, while "Glass House" is so full of pep, it'll make even the 'cool ones' who stand alone in the back, want to jump out and hit the dance floor with a vengeance! And "I Can't Go On Without You" pulls at your heart, feeding your soul with the faint echoes of a lonely old ghost town.

So, the rumors are just rumors, as always. Rock & roll is not dead - it's just hiding out somewhere in the depths of Iceland - and Kaleo is thy name.


So, if it's some darn cool, bluesy rock music that you crave, make sure to keep your ears pointed toward the direction of the North Atlantic! (or Austin, Texas, where the band has now relocated.)


For more about Kaleo visit:


Let's face it. These days rock music could use a recharge. Not that there aren't a lot of really good rock bands out there, because there are. But, there still hasn't been that one group that can bring it all together and put rock music back into the mainstream. It takes a combination of many things to become the band that draws the masses and turns heads back to the heavy, driving beats, cool guitar riffs and rip roaring vocals. It takes both the talent and the image to kick open that door and make the people take notice. And it is in this writer's opinion, exactly what the band "Dorothy" brings to the table. They have the ability to take the music scene by it's glittery pop lapels and make them watch how it's really done. Their songs are thunderously raw and exhilarating.

A distinctive classic rock sound that delivers the purest, straight-cut of primal electric-blues-rock straight into the listeners veins, leaving them excited for the next hit.

Dorothy Martin's vocals are explosive. They jump out at you, like a caged animal, wildly breaking free. Her fire-breathing voice stabs and sizzles on each track she sings. She's definitely got what it takes to take her and her band straight to the top.

Dorothy is an American rock band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2014. The band consists of vocalist Dorothy Martin, drummer Jason Ganberg, guitarist Nick Maybury, Eli Wulfmeier and bassist Eliot Lorango. Stand out tracks are "Wicked Ones" and "Kiss it".

Take it from us at Cool Magazine, keep your eyes on this band. We have a feeling your going to be seeing a lot more of "Dorothy" coming soon.


Zander Bleck is a singer, songwriter solo artist that is taking the world by storm!

With vocals like Freddie Mercury, coolness like Bono and the sexy, wild charisma of Jim Morrison, Zander Bleck will get you on your feet and rocking in no time!


With songs like the emotionally uplifting 'Alive' or the guilty pleasure anthem 'Dirty Love Song', you will find yourself addicted to Bleck. He has covered Aerosmith's "Dream On" with ease and has taken the impossible "Bohemian Rhapsody" to heights of perfection. When Zander Bleck sings, a song so pure and beautiful, enters your ears and pours down deep into your soul.


Unique, stylish and talented, this man deserves our recommendation!


Read more about him in our COOL exclusive interview!


Dark, fascinating, electric and melodic, IAMX is mastermind creator, Chris Corner's solo musical genius. After success with his band Sneaker Pimps, Chris began performing as the aesthetically seductive, electro-pop persona IAMX in 2003. His music features a mystic, vampirish sensibility and mixes erotically-charged vocals with sound that is frantic, yet controlled.

Notable tracks such as the dynamic "Skin Vision" with it's infectious, pulsating rhythms and the fantasy-fused "The Alternative", not to mention the more passionate, yet haunting "Your Joy Is My Low" are all sure to pull you in to the hypnotic imagination of IAMX.

Whether it be in through the ears or flickering in front of the eyes, IAMX will help you experience something magnificent you will never forget.

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