Here you will read our top 5 list of the coolest vampires in film & television - according to us at Cool Magazine. We could probably name about 100, being that we just LOVE vamps! But we're here to keep it simple because a cool 5 is all you need to keep your hot blood pumping!

Let us begin, shall we?


Played by: Aidan Turner Undead in: Being Human


Mitchell would like nothing better than to forget he’s a vampire, find a normal job and fit in with society. Luckily, he’s the kind of vampire who can handle daylight with a bit of sunblock and some dark glasses. His best friends are a werewolf and a ghost, which isn’t really the ideal way to convince the neighbors that there’s nothing odd about you. And then there's the fact that the vampire Mafia just won’t leave him alone – must have something to do with the idea that he used to be the most bad-ass vampire on the planet before the love of a good woman changed his ways.

An Irish soldier turned during World War I, Mitchell is another in a long line of conflicted vampires, but what sets him apart is a sense of optimism. While others mope, he smiles, ventures into the world and tries to make the best of things. Who else would even think about setting up a Vampires Anonymous support group to help ween them off of human blood?

Ultimately, though, it’s Mitchell who falls off the wagon, big time, when events conspire to reignite his blood lust and he slaughters a train carriage full of innocents. He manages to get his urges back under control, but how will this lapse affect his future and his friends when they find out? You will just have to watch and see.

Irish actor Aidan Turner has made such a brilliant character out of Mitchell, he has well-earned a spot at the top of our "cool vamps" list!


Played by: Chris Sarandon Undead in: Fright Night


The first, original Jerry Dandridge is one of the coolest, smartest and most seductive vampires ever committed to film. Calm, measured, charming and relentless, he always seems three steps ahead of the hero, Charley Brewster.

Sarandon brought so much to the role, including pointing out that most bats were fruit eaters instead of bloodsuckers and suggested Jerry’s fondness for fruit that was later incorporated into the film. This Jerry remains one of the most overlooked modern vampires, but also one of the best.

We still can't figure out why a Fright Night re-boot needed to be made. Why mess with perfection, right? ;)


Played by: Gary Oldman Undead in: Bram Stoker's Dracula


Francis Ford Coppola's Count Dracula character was portrayed perfectly by the always-stellar Gary Oldman. Oldman’s Dracula is menacing, but not hard to sympathize with. His tears and rage are real when he loses his wife to suicide and ends up renouncing God. His ability to portray Dracula in both the young and old sense is nothing short of amazing. He’s a creepy old recluse in one scene, and the next, while he’s trying to seduce young Mina Harker, he’s a classy, yet sensual, gentleman. He embodies the best in Dracula; he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He is dark, enigmatic, charismatic, and above all -- "very evil". These are what makes Oldman’s Dracula one of the best cinematic representations of all time.

#4. Lestat de Lioncourt

Played by: Stuart Townsend Undead in: Queen Of The Damned


Lestat is a bold, enthusiastic and defiant being, who delights in his own arrogance and conceited attitude - He is also a vampire and a rock star.

Irish-born actor Stuart Townsend took a huge bite out of this role, playing the "Brat Prince" to perfection. Egotistic Lestat, is greatly concerned with fashion, power and domination, taking the world by storm with his haunting vocals and goth-rock music. Lestat is alluring, daring and unpredictable. This vamp is so cool that he even catches the eye of 6,000 year old Akasha, the beautiful, but deadly Queen Of The Damned.

Stuart Townsend nailed the Lestat role and has definitely earned his place vampire cinema history!


Played by: Jackson Rathbone Undead in: The Twilight Saga


Golden-eyed vegetarian vamp Jasper Hale has the ability to feel and manipulate people’s emotions, making him one of the only truly empathetic monsters out there. For the most part, Jasper is polite and quite gallant, but he is a vampire and can get a little peckish for a human every now and then. Hell, everyone has their diet cheat days.

Jasper is well trained in combat and good with newborns. He was also by far the most interesting character in the third Twilight film when we got to see his flashbacks. We’d demand a spin-off for this character any day, as long as they steer clear from that crazy Jasper wig that appears in the second Twilight film - New Moon!

Jackson Rathbone as Jasper is our guilty little pleasure and one of the most over-looked vampires in the Twilight films.

Now that we have made our list, you tell us yours!

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