January 2018

The Lieutenant of Inishmore Aidan Turner

Director Michael Grandage's casting for this new version of The Lieutenant of Inishmore is nothing other than sheer brilliance! First-rate actor Aidan Turner will bring something to the role of Mad Padraic that no one has done before. (First off, he is genuinely Irish, so of course that helps.) Hands down, with no exceptions, Mr. Turner can play "intensity" like nobody's business! Turner has played noble captains, dwarven heroes and free spirited artists with such refined delicacy and expertise -- but he is utterly astounding as a villain --- Because Aidan Turner's villains are always loaded with such irresistible charm and a whole lot of cheek. No one can top this man. He is dangerously desirable --- and when he pulls you in closely and slowly for the kill, you'll be pleading for more, in an absolute state of breathless euphoria. The man just knows how to be so bad, it's so good.


2007 was Turner's last year of performing on stage. In that year he made a huge impression with productions such as Drive-by, La Marea, Cyrano and Romeo & Juliet, which lead him directly to his first bit part as Bedoli in the opening scenes of the hit series The Tudors. This of course ushered Aidan to his ultimate success starring in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit and BBC's Being Human and Poldark - But Turner will always have a place in his heart for the stage.


"You gotta go to theatre, cause it's like no other experience. I think it can be absolutely awful - but in juxtaposition with that it can be absolutely amazing!" 


In a recent interview with wwd.com Turner explained more about his thrilling experiences with theatre. "At eight o’clock the curtain goes up and that’s it, you’re out there with yourself, the audience, the other players. There’s no “take two” business. You’re on. The great thing is the rehearsals, too. When you’re bouncing around on film sets and TV sets you don’t really get the opportunity to — generally speaking — rehearse much. With theater you’re kind of four-to-five weeks locked down in the room with the guys figuring stuff out. It’s back to play school."

Now with things coming full circle, Turner is returning to his theatre acting roots. "I miss the stage. I was trained in theater; I went to drama school and then exclusively did theater for about six years. It’s my background; it’s where I come from. I’ve been away from it a long time, so it’s about time."


Welcome back, Mr. Turner. Your audience awaits you. May the light of your star shine bright among all the eyes that will gaze upon you in wonderment.

Take your well-deserved bow. 


-By M. Shepherd 

The buzz of summer is all around us! After a long cold winter, nothing sounds better than buying a ticket to an upcoming play in London starring none other than Mr. Mitchell, Kili, Poldark himself, Aidan Turner.


Turner will make his West End debut in Martin McDonagh's Black Comedy "The Lieutenant of Inishmore", which will run at the Noel Coward Theatre in London from July 4 to September 8.


This will be Aidan's return to the theatre after 11 years of filming, and his choice in character will leave you on the edge of your seat.


Turner will play an Irish terrorist by the name of Mad Padraic, who cares more for his cat Wee Thomas than Irish independence.


"I think people will be surprised," Turner told the Daily Mail, "It's the furthest I can get from Ross Poldark that I can possibly imagine."


The Lieutenant of Inishmore begins with the news that Wee Thomas, a cat, has met with an unfortunate accident that has left the poor thing  flying with the angels. Within all the commotion, we learn that Wee Thomas belongs to crazed terrorist Padraic who happens to enjoy his work of torturing drug dealers and setting off bombs - but also has a soft spot for cats, especially Wee Thomas, who was his only friend for 15 years. Of course, the outcome of such a horrific situation sends psychotic Padraic off the edge, swearing revenge on all of Inishmore.


Martin McDonagh has a sly sense of humor that can be totally enjoyable at times and downright shocking at others. Language and situations can get under your skin whether hilarious or offensive, causing a full and lively experience for an audience when the final curtain closes. Having been to a Broadway performance of The Cripple Of Inishmaan (one of McDonagh's classics) starring Daniel Radcliffe and Sarah Greene back in 2014, I can say I was left with such a rush that I had to cheer (probably the loudest) when the curtain came down. McDonagh will always give you something to talk about when the night is through, that's for sure.

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Aidan Turner as Kili in The Hobbit

Complete cast announced: Aidan Turner (as Padraic) Denis Conway (Donny), Will Irvine (Christy), Brian Martin (James), Daryl McCormack (Brendan) Julian Moore-Cook (Joey), Charlie Murphy (Mairead), and Chris Walley (Davey).

Limited quantity of tickets still available, so make your purchase while they last!