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The IT Crowd

(Channel 4) 2006-2013

Ok, so discovering shows from the past that you haven't seen before (or even heard of, for that matter) turns out to be just as good as finding a new show that you love. Heck, it's actually better! Because binge-watching is so much easier than waiting each week for a new episode, don't you think? 


This time it was the brilliantly funny The IT Crowd that we discovered.


The IT Crowd is a British comedy that ran from 2006 to 2013 on British Television's Channel 4 (but is now available on Amazon and most other digital media platforms, so not to worry!) The perfectly cast series stars Chris O'Dowd and Richard Ayoade as Roy and Moss, two IT nerds who share a cramped office space with their clueless leader Jen (played by Katherine Parkinson) 


With only 25 episodes filmed, you never quite seem to get enough of the hilarious adventures these three comedic highbrows take you on.


The story lines alone are so original and absurdly creative - for example, there's an episode when innocent Moss stumbles into a German cooking class run by a cannibal, or Roy, wanting to be like a 'real man' unknowingly gets caught up as the get-away driver in a bank robbery - and who can ever forget when Jen discovers the secret of the "goth" behind The Red Door.


These episodes and plenty others will have you in stitches! Not to mention a killer theme track you can't stop doing The Robot to.


If you like the witty, silly humor of shows like Flight Of The Conchords, or the crazy, nerdy sarcasm of The Big Bang Theory, then you will have to take a look back at The IT Crowd and LOL yourself to pieces.


And just like Roy's famous tech-support advice--

Once you turn it off, you'll want to turn it back on again ;)

The IT Crowd also stars Matt Berry and Noel Fielding

Splitting Up Together

(ABC) 2018

It's very easy to binge watch eight - 20 minute episodes - of a television show, especially when it's this cute.


With a premise leading with 'divorce' as it's key point, you would never expect it to have a major "cute" factor, but it truly does.


Splitting Up Together is a new television comedy series from the ABC network (co-produced by Ellen DeGeneres) starring Jenna (Pam Beesly) Fischer and Oliver (Goldie Hawn's boy) Hudson. These two together, really knock this one out of the park as Lena and Martin, a newly divorced couple who have decided to keep the house as it is for their three children, while spending alternate weeks as singles in the garage apartment. How ever crazy it sounds, it definitely works!

The chemistry between Fischer and Hudson is so enjoyable to watch, as they play off of each other's quirks with experienced expertise. These two have been around the comedy block and know exactly how to deliver a line, or the importance of how the slightest facial expression can make someone burst into giggles. Jenna and Oliver know their acting - and they know these characters, which is exactly what makes the show so enjoyable to watch.


Fisher and Hudson live up to a new contemporary way of parenting, seeing both the mom and dad sporting leather jackets while keeping up with the latest trends and just being cool on their own time, is a great role model for today's parents. Love your kids and be cool. Not a bad motto.


In the end, this show is not just a crazy comedy with too many jokes - it has a lot of heart. You like to spend time with this family and their friends as they grow together and learn that 'real' love stays when everyone else leaves. Splitting Up Together has got spirit, pep and it just makes you feel like laughing. We like it.


Splitting Up Together will return to ABC for a second season - coming soon!


(BBC One) 2015-2018

If you haven't seen Poldark yet, then you don't know what you're missing.
Poldark is a British drama series full of love, lust, action and betrayal! With the show already in it's third season (and a forth on the way) you will find Captain Ross Poldark (played by the deliciously seductive Aidan Turner) get caught up in the trials and tribulations of life in Cornwall, after he has returned home from the war to find that his true love, who thought him dead, has moved on without him and into the arms of his very own cousin! Ross Poldark faces great tragedies, heavy, laborious work and gets caught up in a love triangle that will keep your heart pounding fast enough to jump out of your chest!

Make sure to catch up on all your missed Poldark episodes online or watch new episodes on BBC One and/or PBS Masterpiece! (Check your local listings) 


Poldark is certainly a high rate, binge-worthy series that you'll just love to get hooked on! We know we did!


(Fox) 2017

Of course you will get a laugh out of the new promotional pictures of Ghosted's Adam Scott and Craig Robinson hilariously holding each other in fear, but can the series really live up to such frightfully funny faces as these? The answer is YES! The pilot episode of Ghosted is a bit fast-paced and slightly confusing with getting their ideas out, but you will still find quite a few giggles hitting you through all the chaos. Get to the second episode and on, and you will be absolutely addicted to each and every laugh attack that overcomes you! Adam and Craig play off of each other PERFECTLY! Almost like a modern Odd Couple vs. Mulder & Scully, as the pair go through a spiral of supernatural adventures, fighting off vampires, demons and aliens like expert novices!


Of course, we already knew that Craig Robinson was a comedic genius from all his previous work, but Ghosted has also proven that Adam Scott, not always known for his humor, has truly found his ultimate gift in comedy! He is hysterical!


Tune in to Ghosted (on the Fox network) and enjoy some delightfully frightening laughs!


(Comedy Central) 2005

Stella is a sketch comedy show that follows the absurd adventures of Michael, Michael and David, played by MTV's The State alumni Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter and David Wain. Originally aired on Comedy Central back in 2005, the show is now available on DVD for all those crazy humor-addicts to enjoy!

For the premise of this series, you will see Black, Showalter, and Wain as the nearly perpetually 'suited' roommates, existing in a bizarro world that has them doling out an endless stream of nonsensical sight gags, uttering off-the-wall dialogue and performing increasingly juvenile actions in episodes that have the barest of plots, such as them opening rival coffee shops or becoming paper boys. The series tagline is simple and fitting - "dumb comedy dressed up in a suit" because it pretty much sums up the show in a nutshell - They wear suits and do dumb stuff! So if it's normalcy you seek, we advise you to look elsewhere, because this weird group of guys are here to serve up some insanely outrageous laughs that you don't want to miss out on!


Being Human

(BBC) 2009-2013

Have you ever heard the one about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost living together? Well, for George, Mitchell and Annie, that's no joke; that's their life...or afterlife as the case may be. The supernatural trio shrae a rented house, desperately trying to balance their paranormal problems with the challenge of simply Being Human.


This is the orginal Being Human UK series (not to get mixed up with the Syfy channel's US/Canadian remake) This charming Dramedy is filled of laughter, tears and fright with brilliant performances from Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Jason Watkins, to name a few, but the true stand-out character comes from instense actor Aidan Turner as the tormented vampire, John Mitchell. Cool, clever and devilishly gorgeous, this rugged, Irish vampire will steal your heart -then most likely, drink your blood afterward- but either way, you will enjoy the thrilling ride all the way through until the end!


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