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B R I A N  M.  V I V E R O S

"Tougher Than Leather"

Oct. 12 - Nov. 2

Those who were familiar with the work of artist Brian M. Viveros knew exactly what amazement lay ahead waiting for them at his latest exhibition at the Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City --- But on the night of Oct. 12th, being fresh onlookers of Viveros' work, as well as witness to this special unveiling of his current collection of 15 new paintings entitled "Tougher Than Leather" - we must say, the whole ordeal left us breathless.

Though the gallery was jam-packed with Viveros' admirers (including Green Day Bassist Mike Dirnt, and punk rock legend Billy Bones of The Skulls) we were somehow able to hang in there and do our best impression of two spiders, sticking like glue to walls that were covered with eye seducing magic. It was like the whole place, which was filled with enthusiastic people, just completely disappeared for those moments when you gazed deeply into the faces of the beautiful, yet tragic females who stared back at you with stories in their eyes. One painting in particular "Eye Gotta Spell On You" truly did as she was titled. No matter how far away you left her, she was still there in a distance, watching you, beckoning for you to come back to her...and we did. again and a again. The glisten in her eyes and the way she held her cigar was enough to make your mind scream to know more about what she might be thinking. It is pure brilliance for an artist to convey such a mesmerizing thought riddle, with only a brush in hand.We were mightily impressed.

Of course, when you were able to break away from that "Spell", there was so much more to see! Viveros' paintings popped off the walls. The colors dazzled with hints of gold in between most every intricate detail, causing your mind spin with blissful madness. 

Eye Gotta Spell On You - Viveros
Queen Of The Damned - Viveros
EviLAst - Viveros
Tame The Beast - Brian Viveros
Walking Dead - Brian Viveros

Brian Viveros "Tougher Than Leather" will continue to be on display at the Thinkspace Gallery until November 2nd. If you are in the area, it is a MUST-SEE while it lasts! 

- M & J Shepherd (2019)

Thinkspace Gallery
6009 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232

There was even a extraordinary "living" woman, all decked out in lights and gold with her face painted as a skull, dressed as a Catrina in honor of the upcoming holiday "Dia De Los Muertos". She was a brilliant ornament, standing almost as a guardian over Mr. Viveros as he signed prints and books for his fans. Her presence was arresting and full on feast for the eyes, to say the least.

But the ultimate showstopper was in a small corner of the gallery. Almost covering a full wall - defending it, you might say - She was the lady titled "EviLAst". She was a sculpture. Her eyes closed as she seemed to depart from all the pain and stress around her. Her head surrounded in heavy artillery and barbed wire, sealed tightly around her for protection - Though these weapons seemed only as symbolism of sorts, because -she had this-. Her inner strength was exuding beyond this simple life of sickness and weakness. She was beyond her body and was becoming one with her soul. Her stone cold, peaceful sleep --- which, if you looked closely, you could see a hint of skin tone by her eyes, which set the piece off magnificently! - sent out some very deep, emotional waves. There was a thick energy emanating from her --- and after you were able to catch your breath... you would read the artist's description... and then you knew exactly what it was you were feeling the whole time.

"This piece that I titled EviLAst is very personal to me. It's a concept that I've had in mind for the past couple years just after my dad passed. This year was another fight with personal struggles having recently lost my grandma and my dog Lexi. I dedicate this piece to the fighter in all of us. All that are fighting for their lives, lighting their inner demons and fighting the evil that is cancer. "We bleed, we fight, we are TOUGHER THAN LEATHER."

- Brian M. Viveros

brianv pic.PNG

Much respect.

We actually had the lucky chance encounter of running into Brian Viveros only hours before his show. We were delighted to find what a down-to-earth, friendly man he was! He spoke about the details of his feelings behind the amazing EviLAst sculpture and how, at times he almost didn't think he was going to make it through to the finish line of this collection -- but, ultimately, strength prevailed! And we are very glad it did! 

Tougher Than Leather had to happen. For Brian Viveros and for the many, many people who will look upon this stunning collection for years to come. It is more than art - It is his story. It is his heart. And we are very grateful to have had the chance to be apart of something as special as this --- But, of course, don't take our word for it. This is something you definitely have to see for yourself!