This starring role in The Happy Worker isn't the only film Josh Whitehouse will be exploding onto the scene with. The young actor has also finished filming his lead role in the upcoming MGM musical remake of the cult classic movie 'Valley Girl', where he reprises the role (originally played by Nicolas Cage) of a Hollywood punk rocker who falls for a girl from the San Fernando Valley. The film's release date is yet to be announced.


It's very obvious that you just cannot contain Whitehouse. With two huge movies under way and a new album by his band More Like Trees ready for release at the top of the new year, there's just no stopping him! 


We do think that Josh just may be the first guy who has managed to dig himself a hole from the bottom all the way to the top!


Think about that one for a while ;)


- M. Shepherd



"Dig within. There lies the well-spring of Good; and it is always ready to bubble up, if you just dig." - Marcus Aurelius

Josh Whitehouse

Digs and Strikes Gold

Ever hear the one about the man who dug his way to Hollywood? Well, now you have! 


British actor Josh Whitehouse has been darn busy digging some mighty big holes lately. So much so, that it actually landed him the lead role in the upcoming David Lynch produced film 'The Happy Worker' --- Well, the digging probably helped, but landing the role was most likely due to some fantastic auditioning on Whitehouse's part, of course.


For the past month or so, Whitehouse has been somewhere out in Utah, keeping everyone in suspense about his mysterious dirt digging habits of late. He has been leaving clues, singing songs and posting videos through his social media outlets, causing a 'digging frenzy' among his followers. But now that the riddle has finally been solved, anticipation for this intriguingly cool new film has taken place.


'The Happy Worker' stars Whitehouse as Joe, a reluctant hero, who lives in a utopian community, that is eager to please his wife and his boss, until he unexpectedly finds himself thrust into a position of power and must battle to save what he and others have spent years building. The film follows generations of diggers, living in harmony with themselves and each other. As they patiently dig an ever-larger hole in the blazing desert sun, observed by local native tribes, they find their peaceful way of life disrupted by machinery and greed.


The film also stars Thomas Haden Church, Colm Meaney and Meagan Holder and is based on S.E. Feinberg’s play which was adapted for screen by Feinberg, Jerold Pearson and the film's director Duwayne Dunham.


'The Happy Worker' is currently filming in and around Salt Lake City, Utah with a very talented and eager cast and crew.


“It is not easy shooting in this rugged location, but in true John Ford-fashion we are braving the elements and capturing sweeping vistas on our mountain of red dirt in Utah,” said Dunham, (known for his Emmy winning work on the Twin Peaks series) “I am blessed with a marvelous cast and crew of ‘happy workers’ and could not be more pleased with the adventure of it all.”

Josh Whitehouse will lead the cast in blockchain outfit SingularDTV’s The Happy Worker alongside Thomas Haden Church, Colm Meaney and Meagan Holder. For more about this film, follow @singulardtv on Instagram or visit: